Be a Manager

Team Manager Description

Team managers play a key role on a hockey team. They help ensure that coaches are able to best spend their time coaching. A strong team manager is crucial to the success of a team’s hockey program.

The duties of the Team Manager includes but is not limited to:

  • Away from the Rink
    • Securing additional practice ice
    • Coordinating exhibition matches including ice and officials
    • Managing all the team paperwork (receipt, distribution, completion and forwarding). Such paperwork includes – the Official Team List, Situation Reports, game sheets, affiliation forms, tournament entries, travel permits, insurance forms, etc.
    • Planning and participating all off-ice activities (i.e.: meetings, meals, outdoor events)
    • Organizing and coordinating Tournament entries including arrangements for hotel accommodation, bus transportation, team meals and other ‘special’ events.
    • Identifying a Treasurer and, in conjunction with the Coach, developing an appropriate budget. Authorizes all collections and expenditures.
    • Creating and coordinating team support functions (i.e. phone committee, fundraising committee, timers, scorers etc.)
  • At the Rink
    • Being a role model
    • Monitors dressing room activity with Coaching staff
    • Opens, closes and secures locker room when team is on the ice
    • Maintains the key and assists Coaching staff and parents should access to the room be required while the team is on the ice
    • Organizes time and score keepers including the preparation of game sheets and labels pre-game
    • Retrieves completed sheets from Officials or opposition and records scores with league, as directed, post-game
    • Provides payment to officials for exhibition games in advance of match


Team manager selection

At the start of the season the coaching staff with choose the team manager. It is encouraged you talk to the Head Coach early if you are interested in being a Team Manager. If multiple people would like to volunteer as a team manager, team manager tasks can be divided among multiple people if the team chooses so.


More information

The Team Manager Consultant on the Mentorship Committee: Isabelle McCann-Stamatakos has created a Team Manager 101 Guide to aid any Team Manager or future Team Manager. The guide contains more detailed information of a Team Manager’s role.

Team Manager 101 Guide